Foxwoods Resort Casino

View Of Foxwoods Resort  And MGM Grand, Mashantucket, CT

As you drive west along Route 2 towards Foxwoods Resort Casino, it appears as if you're approaching the Emerald City in The Wizard Of Oz. Amidst rolling hills and rural countryside, the grandiose buildings tower high above the tree line. At first glance, you might think this an unlikely place for one of the world's largest casinos. After all, you won't find a Boardwalk or a Strip in the
middle of the woods!
You are entering Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation, home to the Native American tribe that owns
and operates Foxwoods.

With tens of thousands of visitors a day, Foxwoods accommodates its patrons with an endless supply of slots, table games, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. And when I say endless I mean the casinos are bustling with activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I enjoy strolling the promenade (on some of the shiniest floors I've ever seen, I might add!) and taking in the waterfalls, skylights, and decorative storefronts. Multicolored lights flicker and flash from over 6,000 slot machines, their display momentarily interrupted by the KA-CHING! of a lucky winner hitting the jackpot.

Rainmaker Statue At Foxwoods Casino, Mashantucket, CT

Rainmaker Statue At Foxwoods

Foxwoods showcases some of the greatest performers in the world. Between the MGM Grand and Fox Theaters, headliners from rock, country, blues, hip hop, jazz and comedy take center stage. There are nine nightclubs offering live entertainment in a variety of themes—from an intimate champagne bar to a 21,000 square foot lounge featuring guest DJ's, and everything in between.

Area accommodations come in all shapes and sizes—something for every wallet! Within Foxwoods you'll find the MGM GrandGreat Cedar HotelGrand Pequot Tower and Two Trees Inn. Or choose from a wide array of area hotels in the surrounding cities and towns. You can come for the day and play, or stay for a week or two—either way, Foxwoods Resort Casino offers endless entertainment options for the entire family.

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