Groton New London Airport

Groton New London Airport (airport code = GON) is located in Groton, CT and serves mainly as a general aviation airport. There are currently no scheduled commercial flights serving Groton-New London. So why am I writing about it on a website that encourages travel to New London County? Two words: Charter Flights. Perhaps that sounds a bit extravagant, but in actuality chartered air can be a more efficient and cost effective way to travel than scheduled air.

Airport Terminal And Tower At Groton-New London

Consider the location of GON. The closest commercial airports are Bradley International in Windsor Locks, CT, about an hour and a half drive, and T. F. Green in Warwick, RI, approximately an hour. Not a tremendous distance, but factor into that driving from your home to the airport, security lines, waiting for departure, time in the air, landing at another airport for a connecting flight, layover time, more time in the air, landing and waiting to deplane, baggage claim, taxis, buses, shuttles, car rentals—you get the picture. Waiting makes up 75% of your travel time! It's even worse if you throw two connecting flights into that mix!

Yes, charter flights are expensive. You'll pay anywhere from $1500 to $8000 per hour depending on the type of aircraft used. I'll bet you're experiencing sticker shock at this moment! But remember, that's per hour—not per person. Divide those hourly rates by the amount of people in your party and the price per person might even be less than a first-class round trip ticket on scheduled air. And the benefits? Depart from smaller airports closer to home, fly direct and nonstop (unless refueling is required), no layovers, no changing planes, no crowds—in short, your own private flight! For example, I can reach GON from my location in South Carolina in 1 hour and 52 minutes. Compare that to my last scheduled flight when I left the house at 9:00am and arrived at my destination sometime after 8:00pm.

Renting a car is easy! Avis Car Rental is conveniently located at GON, and less than a half-mile away is Hertz Rent-a-Car. No complicated shuttles or transfers to deal with. In no time you'll be arriving at your preferred New London County destination. Whether it's the casinos or Mystic, Old Lyme or Voluntown—from Groton New London Airport, you are just a stone's throw away!

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