Jewett City Connecticut

Just one square mile in size, the borough of Jewett City Connecticut lies within the town of Griswold. This densely populated former mill town is bordered on the west by the Quinebaug River, while the Pachaug River winds its way over a series of dams and waterfalls as it flows through the village center. Remnants of bygone days when the cotton, corn, grist and sawmills were in full swing can be seen throughout the borough.

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A View From Fanning Park In Jewett City CT

North Main Street From Fanning Park

Brick and stone architecture dating back from the 1800's gives Jewett City its unique appeal. Once the town's most successful cotton mill, The Slater Mill Shops on Wedgewood Drive retain the original mill structures while housing modern-day shops and businesses, including the popular College Mart Flea Market on weekends. Slater Library on Main Street is a splendid brownstone and granite ediface built in 1884 and is still in use as a library today.

The Beautiful Architecture Of Slater Library In Jewett City CT

The Impressive Architecture Of Slater Library

Fanning Park In Jewett City CT

A serenade of bells makes an ap-pealing (pun intended!) feature as you drive through Jewett City. No, it's not your ears ringing! The belfry at Jewett City Baptist Church on Main Street chimes every hour on the hour, followed by a short tune. Just down the street from the church is Charlene's Diner, a favorite among the locals for decades. Stop in for a hearty breakfast served up in nostalgic ambiance.

Veterans Memorial Park is a serene setting on the site of the former Ashland Cotton Mill. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the water views over Ashland Pond and the Pachaug River. Adjacent to the park is Jewett City Playground featuring a skate park, baseball diamonds, and basketball court. Fanning Park is located at the junction of North Main and East Main Streets. Dedicated over 100 years ago as a tribute to local veterans, this small park features striking granite and bronze lampposts and monuments.

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