Mashantucket Museum

Tribal Canoe On Display At Mashantucket Pequot Museum

Just a short drive from the casinos and hotels lies Mashantucket Museum, formally known as Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center. Housed in a modern glass, steel and cement building, the museum is an impressive structure on four levels. There are numerous exhibits depicting reservation life, many of them life-size. You'll find artifacts, jewelry and artwork on display, plus two theaters, a gallery, an auditorium, two libraries, a gift shop and restaurant. Plan to spend some time here!

Lifelike Diorama At The Pequot Museum, Mashantucket, CT

Pequot reservation life is presented in an extraordinary series of dioramas. As I made my way through the life-size exhibits, I had to remind myself that these were displays. At times I felt as if I was surrounded by others when I was actually alone—that's how lifelike the exhibits are!

Historical timelines go all the way back to the ice age. Here you'll enter a number of glacial tunnels, somewhat like a maze. It reminded me of an amusement park funhouse where you feel slightly confused and discombobulated! This is a good time to point out Making Your Way Through the Pequot Museum, a detailed map and floor plan given to visitors upon arrival. The museum can be somewhat confusing, making it easy to bypass important exhibits. Using the map makes your self-guided tour a breeze. It will also prompt you to pick up an Acoustiguide as you enter the Pequot village, something I forgot to do (I wasn't looking at my map!), adding narration to your tour.

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If you're not afraid of heights, be sure to check out the museum's 185-foot observation tower. Ride the glass elevator to the observation deck and be prepared to say WOW!!! You'll be witnessing a panoramic display of Foxwoods, MGM Grand, and all of Mashantucket reservation. I must admit I had to keep my eyes closed on the ride up and down the elevator. I'm not exactly fearful of heights—flying doesn't bother me, for instance; however, the feeling of falling off does! Notice the young boy hugging the column in the picture below—my sentiments exactly!!!

View From Mashantucket Pequot Museum's 185-Foot Observation Tower

Scenic View From Pequot Museum's Observation Tower

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