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A Slice of Heaven
—Sound familiar? Don't you remember the T-shirts worn by Mystic Pizza waitresses Daisy, Kat and Jojo? Well, I do! Yes, the 1988 movie is somewhat dated, but it's still a "chick flick" that I rather enjoy! The film's title came from an actual pizza restaurant in Mystic, although the interior and exterior scenes were filmed in nearby Stonington.

The Menu-Board Flanked By Souvenir T-Shirts At Mystic Connecticut's Famous Pizza Restaurant

Souvenir T-Shirts Hang By The Menu-Board At Mystic's Famous Pizza House

The movie brought a lot of notoriety to the town of Mystic, establishing the locally popular pizza restaurant as a tourist attraction. With expansion into a line of frozen pizzas and the opening of a second restaurant in North Stonington, a small slice of heaven has turned into a big success!

Pizza Box From Mystic Connecticut's Famous Pizza House

That's great, but what about the pizza?
I recently ordered the "House Special" to go;
gooey mozzarella topped with sausage,
onions, meatballs, mushrooms, pepperoni,
and green pepper. I wanted to share it
with my sister and brother-in-law, which
would require an hour's drive in the car.
I DO NOT recommend driving for an hour
alongside a box of pizza! The aroma alone
was intoxicating. But I made it, despite
thinking that by now the pizza will most
certainly be cold and soggy.

Now tell me, does this look cold and soggy to you?

A Slice Of The Delectable House Special At Mystic Connecticut's Famous Pizza Restaurant

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It's interesting to watch Mystic Pizza again, twenty-five years after the original release. Back then I was partial to the Julia Roberts' character "Daisy" because she seemed so cool, and Annabeth Gish's "Kat" for her warmth and intellect. This time around the relationship between "Jojo" and "Bill" (Lili Taylor and Vincent D'Onofrio) caught my eye with its quirky sincerity.

Some of the film's smaller roles are worth a second look. The understated indifference of the wife of Kat's love interest looms large over the screen. The offbeat and uptight Windsor family, struggling to maintain normalcy with Daisy as their dinner guest. The bewildered wedding guests at the church, their priceless facial expressions and body language stealing the scene. Want a great way to spend an evening? Invite some friends, order a large pizza (or two!), don your A Slice of Heaven T-shirts, and pop in the DVD!

Does anybody want that last slice?

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