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Boathouse On Mystic Seaport Harbor

New England's seafaring history abounds at Mystic Seaport CT. Here you can board wooden ships with decks creaking underfoot, scattered with coils of well-worn rope imbued with the distinct scent of the sea. You'll feel the swell of the tide, the tug of the anchor as you imagine what life must have been like on-board these historic vessels.

I spent a lot of time as a kid imagining what it would be like living on a ship. I remember walking through one of the whaling ships at Mystic Seaport and being fascinated by the fact that people in history were so small! The passageways and bunks were barely big enough for me, let alone an adult! On one such occasion, there was a man on deck explaining how to differentiate port from starboard. He pointed out that "left" and "port" had the same amount of letters, and if you remembered this you would never confuse the two. And you know what? I never have!

Shops Within The Seafaring Village At Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut

Visiting Mystic Seaport allows us to step back in time. The 19th-century seafaring village is comprised of genuine New England merchant buildings, strategically placed to re-create a town from the 1800's. Actors in period costume entertain with stories, song, and as skilled laborers in various trades.

As a child I was enthralled by the blacksmith's shop—watching the blacksmith pound away on a red-hot piece of iron, sparks flying, wondering what he was creating. Today I am just as captivated by a stroll through the village shops and buildings, each unique in the traditional New England styles of the day; weathered cedar-shaked capes with brightly painted trim, stark white clapboard churches, and cranberry-red boat sheds and barns.

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After visiting historic sailing ships and reliving days of old in the marketplace, Mystic Seaport offers unique exhibits and daily activities that change with the seasons. Quench your thirst and enjoy a fine meal at Latitude 41° Restaurant, or refresh with a snack at the Cafe & Bake Shop. Whatever your plans, be sure to include a visit to Mystic Seaport on your next trip to New London County!

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