The Small Towns & Backroads Of
New London County Connecticut

The popular attractions of New London County Connecticut lure tourists to its coastline and casinos. But what about the small towns, villages and boroughs that make up the rest of the county? Take a detour off of Routes 95, 2 and 395 and explore the backroads and scenic byways leading to these hidden hamlets.

Bozrah — isn't that an interesting name? Although biblical in reference, the name evokes some interesting legends from its inception in the 1700's. This small town belies the fact that neighboring Norwich, the most densely populated city in New London County, makes up its entire eastern border.

A Peaceful Pond In Colchester Connecticut's Ruby & Elizabeth Cohen Woodlands Town Park

Tranquil Pond At Ruby & Elizabeth Cohen Woodlands In Colchester

North of Bozrah lies the small town of Franklin. This heavily wooded area is filled with babbling brooks, small ponds and patchwork fields. Follow Route 207 eastward into Sprague where the Shetucket River flows through the entire town from north to south, merging with the Thames River in Norwich as it winds its way to the sea. Bordered by the Shetucket on the west and the Quinebaug River on the east, the small town of Lisbon is known for the oldest railroad tunnel still in use today.

If you're traveling from Mohegan Sun to Foxwoods, or vice versa, the town of Preston becomes your go-between on Routes 2 and 2A. Take some time and detour off of Route 2 to Route 164 north. Explore the lakes, farmland and woods, and the popular campground of Strawberry Park. Don't worry, you won't miss out on the casinos! Remember, they're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Continuing north on Route 164 brings you into Jewett City, a borough in the town of Griswold. Explore its interesting architecture and pealing bells before heading out to see Griswold's abundant ponds and state forest land. From here you can follow Route 138 east into neighboring Voluntown, intersecting with Route 49 south for a splendid scenic drive through lush farmland.

Flowering Trees On The Town Green In Montville Connecticut

Flowering Trees Along The Drive At Montville's Town Hall

Backtracking a bit to the northeastern corner of the county lies the town of Lebanon, its pastoral setting accented by colonial homes and barns. Follow Route 16 south into Colchester, a small municipality which just happens to be home to the best cheeseburger on the planet! Route 85 south will take you into the neighboring town of Salem, with its campgrounds, ponds and quaint village green.

Continuing due east brings you into two of the most visited towns in New London County Connecticut — Montville and Ledyard. Separated by the Thames River, these small towns have become world-famous for their illustrious casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. Venture out to explore Montville's many lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and Ledyard's thick woodlands and scenic drive along the Thames.

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