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You won't find any hotels or B & B's in the small coastal town of Noank CT, but don't let that deter you from visiting this quaint New England village by the sea. Noank is a section within the larger town of Groton, encompassing its own unique look and feel. As you cross the bridge over the railroad tracks into the village, you'll notice a sign posting a maximum speed limit of 15 mph. Apart from safety, this is definitely to your advantage! You'll be able to take in the colonial architecture as you slowly wind your way up and down picturesque hillside streets.

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A Beautiful Spring Day In Noank, Connecticut

Spring Foliage On A Noank Hillside

Noank has always reminded me of a Maine fishing village—even more so when it's shrouded in fog. Having lived on the Maine coast for nine years, I am well-aquainted with fog! So what does one do in a sleepy little Connecticut town with less than two thousand residents? EAT! Start with breakfast at Carson's Store, established as a business over a century ago. Enjoy your eggs, coffee and morning newspaper at the counter, seated upon a retro swivel stool from the 1950's. Ford's Lobsters makes a great stop for a no-frills, B.Y.O.B. lunch. Savor one of their renowned lobster rolls while overlooking scenic Fishers Island Sound. Movie buffs will recall that Ford's became the setting for a scene in Mystic Pizza, the 1988 film starring Julia Roberts. In the mood for more seafood? Check out the dinner fare at Abbott's Lobster In The Rough or Costello's Clam Shack—great views, great food, and don't forget, B.Y.O.B!

Ford's Lobsters, One Of Noank Connecticut's Popular Eateries

The Scenic Setting of Ford's Lobsters, A Noank Tradition

Up for a bit of history? Noank's southernmost tip is home to Morgan Point Lighthouse. Built in 1831, it functioned as a working lighthouse until 1921 before becoming a private residence. The best way to see it today is by boat. Did you know that Amelia Earhart, the famous aviatrix, was married in Noank? She wed George Palmer Putnam on February 7, 1931 at a home owned by his mother along the harbor. And where does the name "Noank" come from? It sounds like a nautical term, but it actually derives from a Mohegan Indian word meaning "point of land". So, next time you find yourself in New London County, make it a point to visit quaint, historical Noank!

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